Flowering Dogwood 'Venus'
We’ve had some beautiful weather… rain then sunshine and then repeat! This pattern creates lots of […]
Native California Iris Flowers
In Bay Area gardens we are lucky to be able to grow beautiful citrus plants of […]
Meyer Lemons ripe on the tree
February was a confusing month for Bay Area humans and plants… we got very little rain […]
Hardenbergia vine spilling into a bed of geraniums
Many of you know that I am a Champion Weeder. It’s not that I really enjoy […]
What a difference 10 months make! Last time I wrote, I was bemoaning the lack of […]
April February Garden Tasks Trying to be funny with the title but it’s not really funny, […]
Now that December festivities are behind us why not spend some time in the garden? There […]
I love December because I finally get relief from the sun while I do my garden […]
This is the time of year to start collecting interesting pine cones, seed pods and crispy […]