May Garden Tasks 2016

Flowering Dogwood 'Venus'

We’ve had some beautiful weather… rain then sunshine and then repeat! This pattern creates lots of growth in the garden… blooms and weeds! Have fun getting your garden spaces ready for outdoor entertainment: spend just a half hour each...

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April Garden Tasks 2016

Native California Iris Flowers

In Bay Area gardens we are lucky to be able to grow beautiful citrus plants of all types, and many lemon trees bear fruit year-round. A common question I get is about when to prune citrus… well the time...

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March Garden Tasks 2016

Meyer Lemons ripe on the tree

February was a confusing month for Bay Area humans and plants… we got very little rain and had warm summery days. This month the El Nino rains are supposed to pick back up. I hope so! I need to...

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February Garden Tasks 2016

Hardenbergia vine spilling into a bed of geraniums

Many of you know that I am a Champion Weeder. It’s not that I really enjoy pulling weeds, but I understand the consequences of not weeding! Every weed you pull now means you have that much less weeding to...

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January Garden Tasks 2016

What a difference 10 months make! Last time I wrote, I was bemoaning the lack of rain–and now we are heading into a week that has four storms forecasted. You may not get into the garden this week, but...

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February Garden Tasks

April February Garden Tasks Trying to be funny with the title but it’s not really funny, is it? Our sunny weather is a guilty pleasure right now. Let’s hope that February is a rainy month! In the ornamental garden:...

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January Garden Tasks

Now that December festivities are behind us why not spend some time in the garden? There are plenty of dry, sunny days ahead that are ideal for pruning and controlling weeds. Get a little exercise and fresh air, and...

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December Garden Tasks 2014

I love December because I finally get relief from the sun while I do my garden work. If I’m lucky there is just a soft drizzle of rain to dampen the street traffic. It’s like being in a cocoon....

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November Garden Tasks 2014

This is the time of year to start collecting interesting pine cones, seed pods and crispy flower heads for indoor arrangements. Pair them with nice pottery or even a jelly jar. Real materials are infinitely more interesting than artificial...

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