A Local Small Business

Emil Friend and Angele Sweet are long-time Bay Area residents who are passionate about design, horticulture, and a healthy environment. Friend + Sweet is a cooperative effort to provide better landscapes and better service.

Environmental stewardship

We live in a heavily built environment where human expansion has come at the cost of the ecosystems that we replaced. The landscaping industry is implicated in this loss, and has not always behaved responsibly. As development continues, it’s ever more critical to foster and care for the bits of nature that remain, in pocket parks, corridors, and yes, in residential landscapes.

Friend+Sweet embrace and promote Bay-Friendly principles like the appropriate use of native and habitat-supporting plants, responsible efficient irrigation, and support for healthy soils. Choosing the right plant for the right place is the best way to reduce maintenance needs and disease problems. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles to minimize reliance on chemicals and toxins. And we proudly partner with community groups who are doing important work restoring and protecting Bay Area habitats.

Angele Sweet

Angele grew up playing on the shores and hills of the San Francisco East Bay.  She received a Bachelor of Art History from UC Santa Barbara and received certification in landscape horticultural and landscape design/construction from Merritt College.  She is also a certified Bay-Friendly Designer.  Angele enjoys working with clients to create personal spaces, writing her monthly gardening blog and visiting botanical gardens.  She likes to use plants in her designs that are adapted to California’s Mediterranean climate.

As Landscape Design Principal, Angele spearheads most design projects, and keeps a hand in operations and maintenance.


Read an interview with Angele by the San Leandro Downtown Association



Emil Friend

Emil received an early introduction to horticulture as a child growing up on a homestead in rural Pennsylvania, and has been an unabashed plant geek ever since.  He completed landscape architecture design studios at Pennsylvania State University, and is nearing completion of the design curriculum sequence in the Landscape Horticulture department at Merritt College. Emil is certified in Bay-Friendly maintenance practices. He has particular interests in gardening with ornamental edibles, natives, succulents and dry-summer-adapted plants from around the world.

As Landscape Management Principal, Emil coordinates garden maintenance and implemented services, and also consults on design projects.

Otherwise, find him birdwatching, beach picnicking, or buried in a book.