Better Landscape Management

Friend+Sweet believes in treating every garden as a long-term investment, and is proud to offer a full range of landscape services, customized and adapted to the particular needs of the client and the site. Our clients recognize that proper maintenance is the key to protecting their investment in their landscapes, whether installed twenty years ago or yesterday. We work with clients to establish short-term and long-term goals for improvements, and we work with other landscape designers to ensure smooth grow-out of newly-installed gardens.

Design Intent

Someone probably designed your garden. But landscapes are ever-changing. Stay true to the vision with careful plant replacement and intentional adjustments as a garden matures


Garden Detailing

The day-to-day garden maintenance: weed control, removal of dead flowers and leaves, and little adjustments here and there to keep a garden in top shape



A shrub is not a shrub: they all have unique growth patterns. Maximize the beauty of your investment with proper pruning at the right time of year.



Integrated Pest Management

The basic idea of IPM is to use a pest treatment appropriate to the problem, minimizing use of compounds that have the potential to harm beneficial insects or microbes



Nutrition Management

Traditional fertilizers soak the ground with harsh salts. We feed the soil with compost and mild organics so it provides a gentle support base of nutrients that encourages moderate growth and pest resistance


Lighting and Irrigation

Save water with regular preventive maintenance, proper irrigation scheduling and leak detection. Keep your outdoor lighting in top shape with regular inspections and low-wattage LED bulbs.