Integrative Approach to Landscape Design

The best design transforms constraints into opportunities, creates aesthetically pleasing living environments, and instills a sense of well-being, all while considering cultural and ecological contexts. Friend+Sweet prides itself on design solutions that provide year-round beauty, increase property values, and that can be installed within your budget.

Environmental stewardship

We live in a heavily built environment where human expansion has come at the cost of the ecosystems that we replaced. The landscaping industry is implicated in this loss, and has not always behaved responsibly. As development continues, it’s ever more critical to foster and care for the bits of nature that remain, in pocket parks, corridors, and yes, in residential landscapes. Friend+Sweet embraces and promotes Bay-Friendly principles like the appropriate use of native and habitat-supporting plants, responsible efficient irrigation, and support for healthy soils. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles to minimize reliance on chemicals and toxins. And we proudly partner with community groups like Friends of Sausal Creek who are doing important work restoring and protecting Bay Area habitats.


Need a professional service we don’t provide? If we have worked with someone in that field, we may be able to provide a recommendation.


Irrigation Assessment

Over half of water used in California goes into our landscapes. We can help you save money and frustration by outlining what’s working, what’s not, and what the options are to make improvements at different price points.


Coaching and Consultation

Need suggestions for general strategies or minor improvements? We can tailor our services to get you the information you need, on your budget. May include plant identification, pruning recommendations, outlining maintenance strategies, plant recommendations, contractor referrals, etc.



Client Orientation

Designing a new garden can be exciting yet daunting the first time. Our process keeps our clients in the loop and lets them know what to expect regarding timelines, our process, and the end results.


3D Sketches

If you’re not a designer, chances are that a design plan won’t tell you how it will feel to be in the garden. Perspective sketches help you know what the new spaces will really be like.



Installation Oversight

To make sure the new garden is installed according to what we envisioned, we can make site visits and coordinate with the contractor throughout installation.


Cost Estimates

By the time you have a final design, you should know if you can afford to install it. Based on industry-average algorithms, we can give you a rough estimate of the cost to install a design, and help you adjust the design to meet your budget.



Plant Selection

We offer you a portfolio of recommended plants based on your aesthetic input and their adaptation to site conditions


Site Analysis

We observe the landscape to find opportunities and liabilities, sun/shade patterns, soil characteristics, neighborhood feel, etc.